Live Audio and You

• If you have a leaning or a passion to become a live audio professional, now is the time to consider spending some time to gain the knowledge and skills needed to enter the industry in preparation for a return to normality which will be brought on by successful vaccines, cures and rapid testing.
Maybe you are already a live sound professional and have never quite found the time to get up to speed in niche areas such a digital networking or RF. Now is the time to consider studying these or any other area of live sound at your own pace while things our quiet and before they get very busy again.
  We know that when live shows and events can viably return, that they will do so in a very big way. Artists, promoters and venues are all desperate to get back to work just as the public are desperate to get back to live entertainment. The public are equally keen to get out there again to be entertained. Every year a number of live audio professionals retire. Some chose to move onto other careers such as tour or production management or working for a pro-audio equipment manufacturer in technical product support or in R&D. This natural shrinkage of live audio professionals is constantly replaced others ‘moving up’ in their live audio careers and being replaced by a steady influx of younger people who have acquired the knowledge and skills required. We have already had a break of almost a year in the pipeline of adequately trained young people coming into the industry due to the lack of live work. This could extend for at least a further six months. To compound to this projected shortage of live sound professionals, a number of sound engineers and audio technicians, especially those with family responsibilities, have decided that they cannot wait for the return of live shows and events and have, or are retraining for other career paths. Our online courses are designed to fill this looming skills-gap and to open new career paths in live sound.
 Now is the time to invest in your future.
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