Who We Are

• Britannia Row Productions Training Ltd
• Established 2012
• To provide live sound training for all.
• Our courses are drawn from four decades of training development for staff of the UK’s premier live sound company, Britannia Row Productions.
• Our affiliation with Britannia Row Productions now extends to affiliation with the Clair Global Corp. The Clair Global family includes brands such as Britannia Row Productions, Eighth Day Sound & JPJ. It has operations in Pennsylvania, New York, Cleveland, Nashville, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Argentina, Mexico, Sydney, Melbourne, Japan, Switzerland, Spain & the UK. It is the largest global live sound operation in the world. Access to this immense depth and breadth of knowledge make our courses unique.
• Since 2012, we have enabled hundreds of students to enter the live sound sector, many of whom are now hold senior positions in the industry.
• The success of our students has been and remains our passion, commitment and success.
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